meet: sarah mcneils

sarah mcneils is a full time artist and illustrator who is based out of melbourne, australia. her illustrations and zines are full of personality and give you a glimpse at the girl behind the work. sarah is here to share more about her process and the things that matter!

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what is your background?
i studied fine art for three years at monash university. i wish i had ben more mature when i had gone to art school so i could have understood the lessons better! i think since school i have learned a lot just by working as an artist and spending my time with interesting people.

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how did you get started on etsy?
i finished art school and was having trouble finding a job because i used to be painfully shy. etsy was great cause i could make things and sell them and earn money to live.

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tell us about you + zines.
zines and art books for me are a way for me to communicate with other people in a way that i want to communicate. i like that they are an affordable form of art that can be available to a lot of different people (unlike expensive fine art only available at galleries, or even non expensive art that is stuck on its own ways). i love making zines and i love helping people make zines of their own too.

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what has been your favorite project that you’ve worked on in 2015 so far?
working with people to help them print work on my risograph. working together to make the best possible art.

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what are you most looking forward to this year and into next?
making more zines and art books, trying new printing methods, more publishing for others.

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what advice would you give to makers who are just getting started?
try really hard, be critical and practice a lot. find your own style and where you fit in the world and make lots of pals.

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thanks for sharing, sarah! check out more of sarah's work by visiting her site here

photos courtesy of sarah mcneils.
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