meet: sarah donovan of stationery bakery

we are so happy to have sarah donovan of stationery bakery here! sarah's paper goods are "baked to perfection"! they are so adorable and i want to give some to everyone i know! sarah shared some of her story below, bon appetit! 

stationery bakery for everglow handmade 1

what is your background?
my background is a lovely mixture of art lessons at a young age, art school, and self taught. i have always been inspired by florals, animals, and fashion illustration. i feel like i am constantly finding ways to improve or at least i see that there is always something new to learn. 

stationery bakery for everglow handmade 4

how did you get started designing & selling?
in 2010, i designed my own wedding invitations. from there, i was designing wedding invitations for friends, and then we realized i could make a living! after primarily designing wedding invitations for a year, i started to dabble in creating illustrated greeting cards. once i realized how much i loved creating cards, i started to our my heart into this area of the business! as far as selling greeting cards, i started selling those on etsy. i eventually got the nerve to reach out to a local store! 

stationery bakery for everglow handmade 2

what are your influences?
my influences are my mom, grandmothers, aunts, pop culture, vintage illustration, impressionism, and now my sweet baby boy! my husband is also an influence in that he simply pushes me an encourages me to keep chasing my dreams.

stationery bakery for everglow handmade 5

what is your favorite item in your shop?
right now, my favorite item is our newest birthday girl card. she is a very cool girl with a very modern sense of style. the birthday she is holding has bold brushstrokes and she is wearing killer sunglasses. it reminds me of how every girl should feel on her birthday, simply fabulous!

stationery bakery for everglow handmade 3

what do you love the most about your job?
i love that i get to be the creative director and determine the creative vision and brand of my business. there may be times where i realize we need to make changes to the brand or that certain designs do not fit well, so i get to make the decision to do away with certain designs if need be.

stationery bakery for everglow handmade 6

what advice would you give to makers who are just getting started?
for designers who are just getting started, research research research!! be passionate about what you are making, and make it unique so that you can stand out in the ocean of other makers.


thank you for sharing, sarah!

check out more of sarah's work on her etsy or her site and follow her on instagram.

photos courtesy of sarah donovan.