meet: kate of woodland tale

woodland tale is kate and eugen's shop. their shop is filled with the warmest, loving stuffed animals and a collection of animal rubber stamps to go with it. you can tell that each animal has so much detail and love put into it, it's bound to make any child SO happy. kate shared with us more about woodland tale's process and how things got started for them.

woodland tale for everglow handmade

what is your background?
i'm self-taught as a doll-maker, but the skills applied in the process, such as sewing, embroidery, crocheting and knitting - these were learned from my grandma, she was an amazing crafter herself and taught me almost everything i know about threads and needles.

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how did woodland tale get started?
the first woodlanders i made were herbal pillows, they were not to meant to be used as toys. but then, i saw little ones loved how they looked and were enthusiastic about playing with them. and i used the patterns to create washable baby-safe creatures. the menagerie was growing along with the interest to it and i started a small shop with these critters.

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what’s your favorite thing to make?
embroidery - if we are talking about the process. i really love to see and feel the stitches running over the fabric. if talking about the special softie - i love making one-of-a-kind ones, the blooming critters and costumed dolls, which unfortunately arrive rarely, but they are always a pure joy to create.

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what has been the best thing you’ve done for woodland tale?
if we are talking about products, the costumed dolls are the best. if we are talking about the brand itself, eugen's rubber stamps are the best. his wonderful designs really draw a lot of attention to the etsy shop. besides, we inspire each other by our designs, which is a great driver, too.

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what are you most looking forward to this year and into next? 
i think these are the three main milestones i need to reach over 2016. first of all, i really hope to be more organized next year. i want to stock a little more of my regularly available critters for the season, so customers can adopt them in time to arrive for their special date. also, this is very important for my creative progress, i want to work on the new softies i have in sketches, make new dolls and blooming friends. the third thing i want to work on next year is "my little nest" jewelry line - this is something i have unjustly abandoned.

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what advice would you give to makers who are just getting started?
be unique, steal like artists and don't be afraid of trying new. 

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thanks so much, kate! be sure to check out more of their stuffed fun friends at their shop

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