all the small things

true care, truth brings.

who knew blink182 ever held such wisdom.

i remember last year at wednesday morning worship, maybe it was earlier this year, when jacquie spoke about asking god for little things. she spoke about praying for little things to god, even if they aren't big, huge, powerful or whatever. because god still cares about the little things. the "big things" that we tend to pray for usually take awhile to happen. i would know. and it's easy to lose faith, easy to become distracted and to think that god doesn't care, when really god is still working, still answering. when we ask him for little things that mean something to us and aren't overly significant and he can answer them quickly, it gives us faith and reminds us that he's still there, listening, caring and loving on us. it can be encourage us to not give up. persistence, please.

it's interesting to see how little things mean a lot in other aspects and other relationships. the small things count just as much as the big things. it's like, it's great if you can promise to be someone's best friend. it's great if you can promise to be there for someone when they need you. that's the heart of it. saying that you will. saying that you want to. but, if your actions don't pull through, what are your words worth? empty promises. i guess that's more of actions speaking louder than words. but still, i see small things making big things.

i love conversating. people are so amazing and i will never get over it. god has blessed me so much. he always provides for me, making sure that i'll make it through, and i love how he shows me that on a daily basis. i am so thankful. i never thought i would be here.

whatever it takes. by lifehouse. geeze.
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