i started helping out at god's holy gang early this school year. during worship, this cute little girl began to stick around me. very thin, bright blue eyes, and blond hair that went to her chin with straight bangs. she was very cute and always wore the same blue/purple striped dress every tuesday. she would sit in my lap during worship and move around. she would talk and i would try to quiet her. she told me that she didn't like worship. it was hard for her. she would take off my shoes every week and run around the gym, hiding them in corners and making me go find them. it was great. we cuddled all the time!

and then, she stopped sitting by me. and it was sad. i'm not sure why. it might've been after break, she stopped sitting by me. i don't know when. but it made me sad. i missed her. lately, i haven't been able to go to ghg because of lacrosse and piano, but i went this past week and she visited me during worship and threatened to take my shoes off in her cute little way. and it was beautiful. we were singing 'shout to the lord' and she was watching megan and her friend do the hand motions. she sat by dave and lifted her hands. it was beautiful. she's so beautiful. she told me that this friday she was going to start home school, but she would still come to ghg.

tonight at baskin robbins, i watched this man go into the bathroom and he looked super familiar. and i know that sounds really creepy. but whatever. it's not. he just looked really familiar, but i don't think i had ever seen him before. as the line moved forward, he came out of the bathroom and walked in front of me and then i looked down and caroline was right there, with her big blue eyes! it made me so happy. and i hugged her and she hugged me and we talked and i met her dad and it was just great. she's so sweet and she's a gymnast. she's really flexible. it's ridiculous. she can do the splits.

she really makes my day.
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