lifeless skillet

i wonder how often people think of me. if this thinking is just a one way relationship. maybe.


i'd like to bring you something back from another country in return for your heart.


I am not sad. I am never sad.
When it sounds like I'm sad, I'm not.
Actually, I am sad sometimes. But I'm going to change that.
This is what I live, and this is what I love.
What would life be without all these trials, hardships, bruises? Easy and boring and dumb.
Trials are placed in front of us to shape us. To make us better. (Better as in Jesus)
Those are the times where I went to shine with the most joy.
I am working on forgiveness and wondering how much I should believe.
I love meeting new people. I love people. I embrace them.


and i got a job at mcdonalds! come visit me.
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