facebook poker

i somehow got sucked into the ridiculous madness of playing facebook poker online and wasting my time. seriously, but you got 500 chips for just signing each day! that can really add up, you know. today, i lost a lot of chips. and i am determined to get them back but i want to sleep. look what is happening to me! i can't wait until college.

olympics makes me happy. olympics and the 4th of july. i really appreciate holidays right now. i really appreciate being with my family. you don't have to try to be anything around them, and they still love you. it's nice. unconditional love. it is my grandpa's birthday today, or yesterday i guess. we visited him while he is in dialysis and it was great. :) :) he's getting his leg amputated next friday. :( maybe. pray hard!
i love holidays because everyone comes together. especially the 4th of july! just look at all the community picnics, barbeques, parades and firework shows we had! we all live next to each other and barely give each other any time, but we come together on the 4th of july to eat lots of food that we shouldn't and to watch fire in the sky. i love it! and the olympics? what is there not to love about the olympics. it's like the 4th of july for the entire world. the olympics always makes me cry, like the festivals in disneyland. my favorite place in the world. everyone just loves each other. during the olympics, on the 4th of july and in disneyland. we need more of that, please!

i just lost all my poker chips.
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