the max

so, after seeing someone inspiring, i would like to aim to use public transportation more often. and with the help of one of my beloveds, i can get max passes for 1/2 off!
i love people. :) they are so nice to me & i don't even deserve it!
on the max riding home with meghan & cali, we got hit on by these few fellows. it was disgusting. i have never been harassed like that before. and i wanted to stand up to them and tell them to show some respect, but then i was afraid of getting hunted down, shot and raped. people around us could tell that it was uncomfortable, and this guy came over by us to get his bike and i looked at him, desperately. he was this cute, small, young guy who rode his bike and as he was getting ready to get his bike i tried to make eye contact, to have an excuse to ignore them. but he didn't make eye contact, all he did was look down. and he knew he could've helped us. i even tried making conversation, and i told him that i bought a bike at the place he bought his bike, just last week. he didn't say anything.
when he got off, this other guy got on who made eye contact and could tell we were all uncomfortable. he made some comments to try to ease them up, and we started talking to him. especially when they got off, and he said he was 'sorry about that' and started talking about all the homeless people he sees everyday and the need they have. it was so sad. he told me to do my part and be productive. to not end up like that. and i won't end up like them, but not ending up like them isn't enough for me. a year ago, i had this vision where i wanted to start a homeless shelter of sorts downtown for teens to go hang out, where they can shower, eat and hang out. like so many other shelters. but, i don't know. i really want to. i really want to work so i can be like bruce wayne. where i can have enough money to start a shelter, start a program and install a purification plant.

nothing ever truly dies.
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