oh, heroes.

because for only the past 3 days i have gone raving about how much i love batman and how cool he is and how good the movie is and how it upset me and how i can't get over it. bruce wayne embodies ultimate unselfishness. he gives up his reputation, his father's reputation, his family's name, his own chance for love, himself. for what? for a city that doesn't appreciate him. a city that doesn't recognize all he does and overlooks him as the shallow, spoiled child that he portrays himself as. he gives himself for the greater good, the hope that people are good and that humanity will survive. he realizes that the truth needs to be told and that the people don't want to hear it. people will hear what they need to hear, they will make their "truths". batman is no hero; he's a vigilante, the outcast, the freak. batman was more than a hero, anyway. i guess. it's like mccain though. that one guy says that we're going through a recession and he's shoved out the door. there's something wrong with that. what is it going to take to get honesty and truth out in the open? i have no idea what is going on in the country, in the world. i rarely read the news, but would it even be true? i never have given much thought to corrupt justice, a very scary idea. manner vs. message: we're all so worried about offending relationships. it reminds me of when wayne acted drunk at his birthday party and offended everyone out of his house for their own safety. he has no limits. he will do whatever it takes. but while i go on idolizing batman and bruce wayne and everything he is, i haven't forgot who is the big man behind this. the one man who really did give himself up for all of humanity, not just Gotham city. who doesn't need to invade people's cell phones to find out what is going on and can fly up into the sky, no prob! a man who gives the truth straight up, and also maintains compassion, which makes him different. he who is more than just a man. jesus got me some real fierce love and i love his heart. i learned that his absence doesn't make me unhappy. but, fulfillment and purpose are two things that i have seriously been lacking and desiring the past few weeks. i wish i had as much enthusiasm about telling people about what a real hero i have.

hawthorne has much more character than beaverton. it feels much more honest.
goals ARE good. i need them to keep me in line. someone once told me that i am so cool because i use two spaces after periods. i stopped that after awhile (until now). you fall to get back up, don't forget that, please. and i love you forever! i just don't want you to forget that, and nothing else matters.
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