an education

carey mulligan is an absolute babe as jenny in 'an education'. i love her dresses and her hair. i love the romance, the characters and how real it is. yes, it's very easy to relate to. i could easily see myself in jenny. it's set in the 1960s, so it's like mad men all over again. kind of....

helen in 'an education' was played by rosamund pike, who also played jane bennet in pride & prejudice. carey mulligan was also in pride & prejudice and played kitty bennet. i love how they're in both of those films, but i especially love them in film together. they're friendship is so cute and fun, and they always dress well, of COURSE.

and then look at how cute they are in pride & prejudice. they're the two on the left. ohh, i love when actors/actresses do multiple movies together. jack nicholson & leonardo dicaprio. ben stiller and owen wilson. history can makes things so much more fun!
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