i am obsessed with jonsi right now. i know, i know.
i posted a video earlier that was his cover of mgmt's "time to pretend". WELL, i liked that. AND THEN, my boyfriend got his album and it is amaaaazing. it's like poppy sigur ros. it's magical, REALLY! he's coming to portland next week, and i watched a video of what his show is going to be like and it sounds so intricate and intense and planned out and like it will be AMAGICALLY MAZING! is anyone else in love, or am i just crazy??

you can stream his new album on his site: here.

i especially love the last picture. his show was inspired by animals and such. those animal pictures up there are his inspiration shots. it looks so amazing! portland is on the first leg of his tour, so it'd be great to catch some of the rawness and the energy he starts out with. mmmmmm!

this video is about the creation of his show....!

do you guys like jonsi? or sigur ros? i don't know, i could just go on about him forever. i feel like his music describes beauty, beauty far bigger than a drawing or a song, but like a mindset. it's like he creates entire WORLDS within his albums and it's amazing. i love getting sucked into them. magical worlds. with animals? oh yes.
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