Promise Tangeman

FUNNY. I was just going to start profiling all of my biggest influences, and I went to Promise Tangeman's blog and she's calling people to give a shout out to an inspirational person....I swear, I'm not just sucking up. :)

I found Promise's blog this past year, and it has been so inspiring to read it and follow her on her creative endeavors. Promise designs sooo much...websites, business cards, invitations...and they're all SO GOOD. She also takes amazing photographs and does other crafty things on the side (reconstructing china cabinets and making dino necklaces).

Promise's attitude and faith are especially inspiring. Her faith is refreshing and beautiful. I feel soooo comfortable "with" her. Hahah. She's always so positive and joyful, I love it! She's sooo helpful and kind too. I e-mailed her about what I should do, regarding college and art and accounting... and she e-mailed me back pretty quickly with some sound advice.

Among these and other things, I have really grown to admire Promise. Her work constantly challenges me to try new ideas and styles, and gives me the initiative to be bold and active with my work and ideas. I really like Promise!!!! (and her & her husband are babes. <3)

Beautiful, yes? Sooo great.

Sorry, for the lapse in blogging. I had all of my midterms these past few days, and I'm so happy to be done with them! Also, I finally came to a decision regarding art school and everything...and I'm going to stay at the University of Oregon and get my accounting major, along with a DIGITAL ARTS MAJOR! I will also graduate with a Japanese minor and Honors. I feel so at peace about it. I get a little bit of everything I want, and I get to stay in the Onyx Community. :) So happy.

Anyways, to pass it on: give a shout out to someone inspirational in your life and spread some love around, it's Wednesday!