Sorry for the lack of updates! I am currently working on a TON of projects, all which are still in the works.

I created a layout for the new blog, and I'm waiting to take a photoshoot for the pictures I'll use in it. I'm so excited! This will go along with the launch of my etsy shop! I'm working on a lot of products right now, with the flowers, and I'm loving how everything is turning out! I'm planning for it to be GOOD. And I'm planning a product photoshoot with two of my gorgeous friends, so those pictures will be here soon!

But as of now, I'm crazy working on this party that the Onyx House is having this weekend. We're putting on Guys Night, which is to honor the guys. The theme is New York and there's not much else that I can say on here, but it's gonna be LEGIT. It's this coming Saturday, so lots of pictures then!

So there are a lot of things that I'm super excited for you to see!

As for now, heres a picture from the weekend. The Willamette Valley Music Fest was going on campus and it was GORGEOUS. I want the sun to come back!