bubble tea

I am in so much love right now with bubble tea. It's ridiculous. And it's so bad for me, because I can feel myself getting bigger from all the bubbles expanding in my stomach. But it's sooo delicious.

My best friend Sharon & I made bubble tea the other day, we got it sooo close to tasting just like bubble tea. I'm pretty sure that the key involves lots of liptop (like 10+ bags for 2 cups) and lots of sweetener (like LOTS). I'm always hesitant to put so much sweetener in, but it's what makes it! And have you ever tried making tapioca bubbles at home? It's so simple and they're so wonderful. Just dump them in boiling water for 5 minutes, and you're good!

Then, me & my best friend Luke went and got bubble tea at his favorite place, and it just confirmed it. Real (american) bubble tea is soo sweet. Too sweet. But so delicious!

And then, me & my sister tried making it the other day, and it was probably the closest we've gotten. I can never get enough, and I will keep making it until I get it... and then I will make it even more.

Also... I love to eat the bubbles with honey, mmm. So delicious. I could eat bubbles all day.

Luke & I are driving up to Seattle today to spend the weekend (for our one-year anniversary! :). We plan on thrifting, eating frozen yogurt & drinking bubble tea. I mean, that's how we roll.

Have a great Saturday!! And maybe some bubble tea?