stacey tran

Stacey Tran is my friend, and I'm pretty sure you all will love her.

Stacey is wonderful with words. More wonderful than I could ever be. It's beautiful. And this week she had a poetry reading, through her own publishing company that she started. Proactive, right?? She published her first chatbook with gorgeous poetry. I read it on my way to Portland yesterday and it has this sort of magical quality, very romantic kind of quality. Here's my favorite poem of hers, so you can get a feeling of her style:

a day at the planterium
stacey tran

let's get lost in a coal rield
replaced by gold and neon
ebbing through violet millennia

encapsulate ourselves in the dark dust
skewed with bad news
it is almost black-

is black-

sweetheart, these are for you
a dozen red gamma rays

while you were gone
i found a box of recipes
for eclipses
and potions for equinoxes

at your wish
i can shatter the cosmos

or catch flying fire
in my pockets
to save for later

i even memorized
the formula for hot
showers of light
exploding into silent lust
scorching, and brilliant-

i've strung together
the planets for you
to swirl around your neck

but my satellite spun
the opposite direction
and i forgot about gift wrap...

darling, forgive me

look at what i made
with 8.5 x 11 inches
of light - i've folded
it up into a ball

let's play catch

let's give each other space

Uhh, yeah. BEAUTIFUL. Check out more of her stuff at