I love FancyTreehouse. I found Coury's blog a long time ago, when I used to be obsessed with Plus One (embarassing) and I fell in love with her style. Coury is the best dresser I have ever seen. Plus, she has a great personality and is sharing all kinds of quirky things and there is always this underlying bright attitude. How can you not love it? I promise, if you're anything like me, you will LOVE Coury and her blog. Her pictures are wonderful, and I always tell myself that I should take more pictures after reading her blog. She makes everything look fun & fabulous & easy. Plus, her & her husband, Gabe, are absolutely gorgeous. Also, she has her own shop with vintage clothes: FancyTreehouse. Then you can get your own piece of fabulousness!

I made a bunch of products that I love last night, but I woke up late this morning and probably won't be able to post them until Sunday night. Luke is coming up today and we're going on a hike.. and hopefully more bubble tea! <3

Have a great weekend! <3