Laundry Room

I was in Eugene this past weekend, visiting Luke & he was obsessed with this movie of the Avett Brothers performing 'Laundry Room'. And I have to say, I like the ending so much. They are so good. Some of my friends went to their show in Portland last night, but I haven't listened to their album yet, even though I think I have it... but, I mean. I'm fine watching this video until then...AMAZING.

And last week at church, someone made the most delicious salsa with corn and tomatoes. It was sweet and just PERFECT. I was in loveeee with it. So, I made it! It takes a while to chop everything up, but I thought it was so wonderful that it's made completely out of vegetables & it's all real. I went off a Food Network recipe, tweaked it a little bit (no, thank you, jalapenos) and it was delicious. I can't stop eating it. Any other favorite recipes?

Oh, and Luke & I saw Inception last is SO good.