summer workspace

I'm at home with my family for the summer, so this is my temporary workspace for the time being. This is actually probably the best workplace I've ever had in my life so far, haha. I love it, it's in the middle of activity and I can be around everyone and everything that's going on, and my family is sooo great! Haha, they let me leave this mess around for days at a time while I'm my crafting spurs.
The dining table. Where all the magic happens.
My mom is letting me use her big cutting mat, and her rotary knife, which is SO nice. I need to get one, they are so helpful, everything is like 10x faster with it.
My Janome. Classic happiness. I love her. And then I also love my Panasonics. Yes, everybody has them, but I swear I was one of the first to get them. I regretted purchasing them at first, because they were like $80 (I got them from Japan), but I've had them for a year. So it's been worth it, considering I would lose a cheap $10 pair of headphones every 2 weeks.
We should all do a project where we take pictures of ourselves in our headphones! Takers?
And this is it. The starbucks double-walled glass. So nice. Drinking water is so fun with it, and lately I've been into mugicha, or barley tea, so that's been fun. Fresh blueberries, mmm. :) And you can just see the corner of my laptop. Laptop during crafts means Lost. I am in loveeeee.<3