the collection: buns

I like this set. It's fun to look at and see how the bun has been idealized and used in so many ways. It unites every picture, but I love seeing how people express themselves within the same bounds as everyone else. I love this last seashell one, and the snow one. Some of these buns. I wish I had perfect buns. Buns....Heh. I was thinking the other day, how I can't make a good messy bun. But messy buns are supposed to be great because it doesn't matter how they look, but I feel like we've turned the messy bun into something that's supposed to look good without looking like we've tried at all, but it's actually kind of hard to get it to look like that. I mean, if you know what I mean.

Also, I like how they don't show their faces. Hair is so much.