little book

This is a little book that I made Luke for our one year. I love making little book albums, it's SO FUN. It makes everything really fun to remember, and handy & easy. I hope we keep this book forever and show it to our grandkids. Hahaha. I mean, JK. I followed this random book assembly tutorial, but I really liked it because you stitch it all together! It makes me feel like I'm REALLY making a book. Not just glueing pages together like in elementary school, 'nah mean? Mmm.

I'm listening to Relient K right now....Luke gave me their last album last week. I'm thinking of going through all of their albums and having an RK marathon? You MIDDLE SCHOOL, again. Is that embarassing?

oh, and p.s. the top right picture says ideal couple #1: zooey deschanel & sufjan stevens. our other crushes, as in mine is zooey and his is sufjan, haha. <3