one step closer to love

I have been a huge fan of Mat Kearney ever since Bullet came out. My love grew with 'Nothing Left to Lose' and then it has peaked and plateaued with 'City of Black & White'. Mat is from Eugene and a lot of people know him or are friends with him, kind of surreal. Apparently he played at the Onyx House when he was just starting, but my friends & I drove 2 hours from the Onyx House to see him this past fall when he played in Portland. He's gotten a lot more popular.

I was driving with my friend Joy, who is friends with him, and she told me that he just got married and that the wedding was featured on OnceWed. So, OF COURSE, I hurried over there and checked out the pictures right when I got home. Mat looks classic, and his bride is gorgeous. They got married at a farm, awesome. There pictures are beautiful. One can only imagine how much fun the wedding was!

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