I love this beauty. I found it in a Goodwill Superstore that I wandered into one day. I'm moving into a house with some girls in a couple weeks and I determined to buy as much as possible from Goodwill, because I am poor. And also, because it's recycling and things usually have more character when they're used, as does this teapot. I am super fond of drinking tea, even in the summer, and I fell in love with this teapot. It's simplicity, the flowers, the size. It holds about two cups of tea, which is the perfect amount for any crafty evening. I am sooo excited to use it.

I really love Goodwill and Value Village. Value Village has the best deals, but there isn't one close to me in Portland. But there are Goodwills everywhereeee. What are you favorite thrift shops?
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