babe fraser

Yes, this is titled 'babe fraser' when her name is Brooke Fraser. I am quite aware, yes, yes. And I knowww, I JUST wrote about Janelle Monae, another female artist, but these musical women are just really rocking my week and I just have to let everyone know.

I didn't have a real dinner today and then I had a huge (normal, but huge) bubble tea to reward myself for a week of studying, and I am think I am sugar drunk or something. My head kind of hurts and I am a little different than normal.

Anyways, I couldn't wait to get Brooke Fraser's new albums from my friends, and since LUKE LARSEN picked her album as his #17 album of the year. I bought it and I am so happy. Brooke's music makes me feel happy & real & honest. And I love everything she stands for, like actually. I actually feel that we would probably be really good friends and I can't wait until I can hang out with her in heaven.

My friends saw her in Portland a few days ago, and one of my friends said that she dressed like me. Or I dressed like her, he wasn't really sure who influenced who. I don't care, I'm flattered that we could be mentioned in the same sentence with the word influence. But, he didn't really tell me that. My friend told me. So. But, hey! Maybe I will dress like Brooke in every single one of these pictures and have my own photoshoot.

But, OHHH. Another reason I love these pictures is because Nirrimi Hakanson, the 18-year old prodigy photography. Her style is always so REAL. I feel like I'm there with them. I can't get enough of it (yes, I know I say that too much). I was just so stoked when I found out that Brooke & Nirrimi were collaborating for this, and the results are lovely!

Here is my one of my favorite songs from Brooke's album, Flags: Something in the Water. I couldn't stop listening to this for days. And I just played this youtube video over & over again, so sad. Enjoy!