Oh, yeah. Janelle Ho & I went down to the basement the other day and took some awesome pictures of ourselves with her awesome camera. That girl+her camera are magic, I can't get over it. Still saving all my tips to buy myself a magical camera.

Speaking of tips, these pictures were taken after a day at the coffee shop. I was so proud of this outfit that I tried to work without an apron. That lasted for about 5 minutes - when I got coffee on my shirt. Anyways, I'm still kind of proud of this outfit. And that scarf, I bought it when I was probably in 9th grade, like 7 years ago. I'm so proud of my 13-year old self. I was initially going to tie the scarf around my head like a turban, but I had to wear my helmet to school (SAFETY IS SEXY ;) , so I tied it around my neck -- AND I LIKED IT. I hope you do, too. P.S. Janelle just got her hair permed & I think it's super cute.

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