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I am 21 and I am going to have a party (yes, the party I've mentioned in the past 5 posts, sorry for the overkill). But, I am donating my party and my birthday to CHARITY WATER and I am sooo excited. I was inspired by Promise Tangeman and her awesome husband and how they chose to raise awareness and do something about it, and I wanted in on the fun!

My goal is to raise $1000.

$1000 will give water to 50 people and 10 families. Charity: Water is an AWESOME non-profit organization. All of the money that is donated through my campaign will go directly to funding clean water projects in developing nations. Other businesses/groups donate to pay for all the everyday business costs, allowing all of our donations to help the water crisis 100%! They focus on building wells, installing latrines and encouraging hand washing.

Bringing clean water into the community reduces deaths by 25%.
Encouraging the use of latrines can reduce deaths up to 32%
Encouraging hand washing can reduce deaths up to 44%

Isn't that crazy?! Clean water, toilets and washing my hands are something that I take for granted everyday. It's amazing how much of a difference they make in ones life and how many people go without these privileges on a daily basis. We are so lucky that we have all these resources available to us and that we can bless others with it.

Celebrate my birthday with me wherever you are by donating here.

And be sure to check out CHARITYWATER.ORG for more information!

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