oh, and how sweet you look tonight --

I am a very last minute person. So, day of my party - I was running around doing things up to the last minute, even when the first guests had arrived. So of course, I didn't have time to take pictures and almost completely forgot them, until JANELLE (love of my life) came in and snapped a few photos before I freaked out. And, they are lovely. Gosh, I can't wait to buy an SLR.

So, that's it! That's the dessert table. I realized afterwards that I spent way too much time baking. I baked all day and I didn't even bake that much. But what you're looking at are cupcakes, coconut macaroons (mmm, so delish), white chocolate dipped pretzels (mmmx2), mexican wedding cookies, some really bad sugar cookies, blue m&m things and flowers from my boy, Luke!

Oh, and that last picture is a washed out version of me and mah boy, while I'm opening a beautiful present from JANELLE <3<3<3.

It was a blessed time and a lot of people I loved came over and we just chilled out and took lots of fun pictures and raised $1000! Hallelujah. My friends have the best hearts and I love them. Thank you notes are in the works, so look forward to those in the future.