mother's day candles

I made these candles for my mommy. It was super fun! I had an old candle lying around that didn't burn very well and I melted it to make these. I followed this simple tutorial from How-To (:D) and it worked pretty well. The only thing was that when it dried up, the wax sank in, so there was kind of a mountain where the wick was. But for my first time, I'm proud!

Over at Oh, Hello Friend, Brittni posted this tutorial by Ruffled which is so gorgeous. That definitely inspired my candle covers! Used with scrap fabric from goodwill. Yay for reusing. Anyways, going back to the Ruffled tutorial, they make candle making look so easy! And cheap! Luke and I were at Target looking at candles the other day and were appalled by how expensive some of them are. Like $25! Yes, the smell super good, but still. $25? So. I'm going to try to make them, and if all goes well, I'll be sharing! Yayy!! I believe that we can make anything!