adorables: hearts in the air

1. these orangettes look delicious. my mom gave me a bunch of oranges this week, so orangettes seem like a great idea. mmm! thank you, jennifer!
2. loving this ombre tea dying cards. i always have loved dying with lipton, but adding dye to make different shades? genius! can't wait for a good opportunity to use this!
3. and speaking of ombre, thinking of going ombre with my hair, like lovely lily melrose. and i love this color combo. yes!
4. can't say i wasn't thinking of elsie this weekend and wishing her & jeremy the best!
5. renee's branding of her shop is adorable! be sure to check it out. so excited for her!
6. hulu plus. free month for students! praise the lord. watched loads of modern family & glee while doing cucuco things this weekend. :)
7. miracle fortress has a new song! on second listen, i had to admit that it's a little out there...but i can't wait to hear the rest of the album. five roses is one of my ultimate favorite albums!

It's Monday! Let's start this week off well. :) LOVE LOVE LOVE.