streamer tutorial

Heh heh heh. So, I sewed up this something when I was decorating for my brother's grad party, and decided that I loved it and that I would make a tutorial of it. SOO, this is my second go at the whole tutorial she-bang of it (here's the first). I like this way better of doing it... seems simpler. But, let me know what you think! :)

This is a fun little DIY that you can do to spice up your home or any party. It's so simple! The streamers cost less than $2, which was the only thing that I needed to buy. And it took around 1.5 hours to make! :) I like it, but it is kind of fragile, so I'm thinking the next step is: FABRIC! :)

But for now, here ya go! :D

Hope you enjoyed that, and that you will make it! Please share if you do!