THIRTY for THIRTY challenge

I love it. I don't know where I first heard about this, but I've seen it pop up amongst the blog world and I am a BIG FAN. I lovee the fashion blog world, I love the outfits, creativity and how they show someones personality. Two of my favorite blogs are purely outfit blogs and I love it, but I've tried to stay away from outfit posts just because I don't feel like my outfits deserve that much attention and I am afraid I would get caught up in the materialistic end of it and start shopping way too much.

But. The 30 for 30 challenge. Love it.

Kendi from Kendi Everyday started it and the idea is to create thirty different outfits using thirty items from your wardrobe. She decided no to shop during the challenge, and I think I am going to continue that tradition when I start.

I'm going to wait to start until the middle of July, when I get back from a mission trip to Brazil (!!). Until then, check out these two ladies, both who I went to high school with, and their take on 30 for 30.

Sarah is sooo pretty. Her style is bold and edgy and she has a super fun personality. I remember we had a class together our senior year of high school and we had three pairs of the same pants, not intentionally (that just happens I guess when you have good style? haha). Not only did we have the same pants, but we would wear them on the same day. Frequently. And we had this class everyday. That was fun.

Isn't Lea sooo cute? Oh gosh. And her and her boyfriend, Robert, are adorableeee. Lea is full of sweetness and her outfits are girly and pretty. It makes me happy. She just started blogging and I'm super inspired by how she is so involved in the blogging community already and totally admire her.

So, these girls are awesome. Plus, they're good friends, so doesn't that make it funner? My goal is to catch up with these two sometime soon and have a true photo on the look out!