a beautiful day in the neighborhood

1. this dress is so gorgeous. i want it. or i want to know how to make it.
2. this style of braid is so beautiful. my friend had it, but styled as a half ponytail with the braid and i was in aweeeee.
3. sufjan steven's all delighed people ep is soooo pretty! my favorite songs are "heirloom" and "djoriah", but alsooo - for you vinyl lovers out there, it's definitely worth it to buy this in vinyl. there is a special side d that isn't listed and is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. <3
4. brittany nichol fabry's photos via daydream lily are perfectly simply & elegant.
5. quinn had the most beautiful hair this past season of glee. it also made me fall in love with dianna agron, and I found her fun little tumblr. also, she has an awesome posts about equal rights. awesome girl.
6. hello giggles. HELLO GIGGLES!!! zooey's newest endeavor. this girl never stops. i love her. a place for all things girl and funny in one place. check it out! you'll giggle.
7. i am getting such good inspiring vibes from this pic. ahhhh

Hope this collection is sending you all sorts of good vibes and happy thoughts!!