jovial julie: larger flower clip

Hello dears! I'm Julie Iliana from the blog sundaypicnics. I haven't had the pleasure to meet Rachel personally like some of the other lovely bloggers who have written here, but I am stoked to have been part of her launch for CUCUCO (I can't get over how cute that name is!)

When I received her package in the mail, (even the envelope was adorbs! it's sealed with stitches!) I was excited to find this hand sewn royal blue flower accessory. I immediately envisioned myself wearing it to summer weddings, beach shindigs, romantic nights... heck, I'm wearing it while I write this because I can't get over how it makes my messy hair look "professionally-messy" ;D and I absolutely love how it looks with this button up cowboy-esque blouse I'm wearing.

Thank you so much Rachel for this awesome opportunity!

PS- she has the cutest wall banners ever!