I went home to Portland this weekend and had a lot of fun! Doing homework, and hanging out with the fam. We went to Elephant's Deli for my birthday lunch, and I found this sweet little macaron! I ate it after this picture. Yummy.
It was Luke's Grandma's 80th birthday party this weekend, too! It was fun to see all the photos from her life, so much wisdom and life packed into one person.
Also, thought a lot about what I am going to do after I graduate. Accounting, with art,etc. on the side. It will be GRAND. I can't wait. Once I'm done with school, I can blog more!
I loved the sun amidst the heavy rain this week. It's a nice balance (though I would prefer no rain). I stole my sister's rain coat this week though, so I'm prepared. Bring on the rain and the tears! I am ready!

OK, well -- it's my birthday later this week, and I am obsessed with pink. I started using a pink highlighter with my accounting notes and it helps me study better. Anyways, we'll see what happens.

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