the collection: watches

Spontaneity is good for the heart! I found myself at my friend's comedy show tonight, and I was so happy. SO HAPPY, 1) because she was funny and 2) because I wanted to be there and I went. Yes! How is that for spontaneous?

Well speaking of watches, I've reverted back to wearing one and I put it 5 minutes fast, and it's actually been helping! It's great. I'm pretty much getting every on time, since I was always previously running 5 minutes late. Yea for progress. So, I'm all about time right now AND I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAST IT FLIES. So fast. Scary fast. Only bonus about that is that it will be Valentine's Day soon and everything will be PINK! <3 xo.

P.S. I am loving big faced watches. And big faced watches with bling.