top blogs of 2011

So excited to share with you my favorite blogs that I've been reading this year. I LOVE THEM ALL.

FASHION: llymlrs

Lily has been on my radar for a while, and I first knew her by her graphic design (see here, I love the full collection, but I couldn't find it :( ). I think what brought me back to LLY is her signature ombre hair, which I was able to do successfully on my own hair thanks to her video (prettiest accent!). She inspired me to start wearing my rings, and hopefully her bolder style will really start to wear on me soon. I love her Sunday picture of the week and I think I am going to start that on the blog soon. LLY's supah cool and I bet you won't be able to get over her either.

CRAFT: oh happy day

Jordans run this amazing blog, along with her great creative team. I started noticing that these really innovative DIYs were all coming from the same place, and when I finally got there I loved it & stayed! Seriously, the best crafts are here with the prettiest design and explanations go along with them. I love it. I also love that Jordan is in France and we get to see beautiful peeks of her abroad life and feel a little more cultured. There is a whole community built up in this site of all the people who she collaborates with and features, this is definitely a blog you need to pay attention to if you are in the DIY world!

DESIGN: moxee

Moxee has been one of my biggest favorites of the year. Bre just started her blog, along with her super adorable paper shop with Emmadime, and it has been exciting to see it grow. Great design is always featured, and I love the styling of everything as well. The design tips are the best! I love how seeing other people work and what they do, super inspiring. Come here to see good design from everywhere, everyday!

PHOTOGRAPHY: allister ann + the civil wars

I don't think I will ever get over this. After seeing The Civil Wars this past June and meeting them (!), I learned that Allister Ann was documenting the tour. Ever since then, I would like to say I have been the most avid follower and supporter because the pictures are the most beautiful things ever. But, really. I always come here when I need some simple inspiration (but mostly because I just love it), and always always always leave so awed by the beauty of simplicity (and Joy's great dresses, haha). Possibly the best idea, to artistically document a tour, and I hope that these two teams keep collaborating for the many tours to come!

INSPIRATION: anne louise likes

Anne Louise has the best eye. I love her pinterest and I love her blog because it features those pretty things with pretty thoughts. So, I like it. This girls got a knack for finding artsy things that I am not good discovering, and I love it. Follow her blog and her pinterest. You won't regret it!!

WORKSHOP: candy castle

Candy Castle is fun and sweeter than candy! I super appreciate the crafty, bright handmade element of everything Kitiya makes! My favorite is seeing the chronicles of her craft adventures, involving workshops and store displays! It's fun to see how she designs everything and how it is all hands on and do-it-yourself empowering! Plus, I like her brighter, bolder and funner style and it helps me push myself out of the grays, black and neutrals that I am usually finding myself in. And her workshops look so cool!

PARTY: a fabulous fete

This is classy party central right here! Lauren's gorgeously perfect handwriting and her great sense of understated style makes the perfect combination for me, and I love seeing how she styles things and all the fun parties she hosts! I'm so inspired by the parties and events she plans/hosts and all the innovative, creative ideas she has. She is definitely an inspiration to me.

FAVORITE: design love fest

Uhhh, what can I even say that expresses my adoration for Bri Emery and her lovely blog? I fell in love with DLF early this year and have been HOOKED! ever since. I'm in love with Bri's spunky attitude, her killer design, the great inspiration she posts, her awesome sense of style and the bright colors! It's the perfect place for me! I really like her design column that she does, pretty locations & pretty outfits every single time. And it's so cool to see all of her blogshop adventures! Maybe one day I will be in one of them....! You'll love her! Go!

CHEER: fancy treehouse

I know I put FTH on the list last year, but I couldn't avoid putting on this year's list as I check it almost everyday (same disclaimer goes for the next two blogs...:)!! Coury's style is so cute and creative. I love her use of color, layers and the variety amongst her outfits. Most of all, I love seeing cute Birdie!!! Anyways. There are a lot of other things that bring me to FTH every single day (like the good pictures, fun home decor, big rings, perfect bangs and pretty shoes) but my undoubtedly favorite part of the blog is Coury's super sweet, appreciative, sentimental, silly attitude! It's so inspiring and cheerful. I'm always reminded of how much I have to be thankful for and I love that. Everybody should have a little Coury in their hearts! Yay for KINDNESS & LOVE!

ADVICE: promise tangeman

Promise came back this year after an unofficial blogging hiatus and I couldn't have been happier! I love her bold, edgy style and you can't deny that her design is killer. KILLER like AWESOME. I love the business tips she posts. I love hearing how other people work!! It's inspiring. And the messy bun tutorial that she posted? Yes, have been doing that all the time since I saw it. And all my friends love it! Promise is just so cool.

BEST: a beautiful mess

Again!! But how can you not? Elsie's AMAZING. She has the greatest work ethic and a wonderful creative mind. It's so encouraging and inspiring to see everything she's doing. She's been a huge encouragement to my blogging journey and seeing her get excited about what she's doing gets me excited about what I'm going to do. Her e-courses are the best, and she is always coming up with great content!! Incredible. She is my biggest inspiration. Can't wait to go visit her and that sweet shoppe! Eek.

My goal for this upcoming year is to expand my blog roll, so if you have some other favorite blogs that aren't on this list -- please link them in the comments! I'd love to see the best of the rest of the net. Haha. But if you aren't familiar with some of these blogs, it's definitely worth it to check them out! This wraps up my end of the year review, so until next time, here is last year's list. xo.