WATCH LIKE CRAZY. I'm serious. I can't stop crying or obsessing, so I need someone to watch it and figure out why. Seriously. UMMMM: I suggest NOT watching the trailer before the movie. Sundance selected it as their best picture and it's a love story. Felicity Jones is REALLY CUTE and so is Anton Yelchin. I have some stills of the pictures down below (or here) that might satisfy you. But, until then...I think you should just watch the movie! But, I kind of have a personal vendetta against trailers..

Had the best best best weekend. Luke came down and we hung out with some of our favorite people in the entire world! We found an arcade, hiked a mountain -- it was the BEST. Can't wait for the weather to get better!

My friend and I are taking a silkscreening class together! It's so fun. This is what I made last week. I'm going to go pick up my prints this week and I can't wait to share.

The weather is nice enough to bring out the barley tea! (Read nice as: not pouring rain, not freezing) But, still! I love when it's not pouring outside and I like drinking barley tea, so here's to a good week.