like crazy, like crazy

Luke & I picked up 'Like Crazy' from redbox this past weekend. It was supposed to have come to the local indie theater in town, but it never made it. So, we cozied up with a bottle of wine and I actually really loved it. The acting is so genuine -- I read somewhere that it was fully improvised! Too cool. I loved it. Felicity Jones is soo cute in it. I love her hair, I'm going to try styling mine like hers allll week. Have you seen it? Did you love it? If you haven't seen it, go watch it! $1 and very much worth it. BUT, WARNING: Do not watch the trailer before you watch the movie!! It is basically the whole movie in 2 minutes. DON'T DO IT!

P.S. I know this post is wayy image overload, but I am sooo obsessed. I think this is the only way I can let out some of that obsession and feel alright. Gosh, I watched the trailers again last night and I STILL CRIED. I don't know what it is about this movie, but.. watching the trailers

Ok, have a great weeekend. Do fun things & fall in love with life! xo.

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