So, awhile ago I had some of the best times of my life at MUSICFEST NW. MFNW is a collection of shows that happen within a five-day span all over downtown Portland. It's super fun The last time I went to MFNW was in high school, so it was really fun to go again. Luke was covering the festival for PASTE, so it was even more fun trying to get to as many shows as possible and running all over the place.

Luke covered the whole festival in three parts (here, here and here), and I know it's been awhile, but I can't let him have all the fun, so I decided to give you all a late recap of my thoughts on MFNW.

Day 1: PASSION PIT. I LOVE YOU. Does everybody/anybody know what Michael is going through? Are we all a group of best friends or just fans?
Day 2: PASSION PIT AGAIN. BEST DECISION OF THE MONTH. Maybe season. Same show, but waaay better than the day before. I love them even more.
Day 3: It's weird to be in the Crystal Ballroom without Passion Pit.
Day 4: I love Michael.
Day 5: Passion Pit was my favorite part of MFNW.

(all of the bad pictures luke took up close, haha)

Ok, kind of a joke. But kind of not really. Just ask Luke.

I actually had a lot of fun and enjoyed other bands (Superhumanoids, Onuinu, A-TRAK, Girl Talk, Atlas Genius, STRFKR...). My BFF was also there, which was supess fun. We spent way too much money on food and drinks and did not get enough sleep. It was the best. And I actually loved the ad campaign that Levi's had around the Pioneer Stage. It was based off of their 'GO FORTH' ads, but it was even better. I'm trying to find the images to share with you later. You'll love them!

If you are ever in Portland around September, come and check out MFNW. We can go together! xo.
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