the collection: hangers

thank you t.fougere, dear lolitaycntrl, Luncheonettevintage, tylur elliott, joesee., and allison v. smith.

Hey there buddies. How are you all doing? Here in Portland it is a magical time. It is OCTOBER (can you believe it?) and it's SOO SUNNY outside! It's unreal. Usually by this time, it's completely overcast or raining buckets. I can't believe our good fortune. I'm going to take advantage of the sunshine by opening all my windows, running outside everywhere and working my little bottom off! Good work inspired me so much, and I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so much of it!

Luke is off to an indie game conference this weekend, so I will be all by my lonesome self....with Gossip Girl. OF COURSE! Can't let a weekend go to waste. Anyways, I'm going to try to be taking lots of pictures of all the cool things I'll be doing by you'll want to keep your eyes peeled open! Love ya lots and eat lots of pumpkin! xoxox.

P.S. Enjoy this collection!!