the collection: macaron boxes

thank you kelsey genna, heartbeat frequency, the chesire smile, lutheran, pinkbow, buttered up, bonnie-o, jacinta moore and baking in pearls.

Aren't these just sooo beautiful? Just looking at them makes me feel so much better. Portland's fall summer ended this week in a sudden downpour of rain. Yesterday was really beautiful, but I am looking out my window right now into a some steady light rain and wishing I lived in California where there are no seasons. I think I could be really into that for a few years. My sunflowers are dying here on my desk and it just makes me even more sad. Thank goodness we can look at these soft, gorgeous macarons! And maybe even eat some...? Anyways, I think Luke & I decided what we will be for Halloween and I can't wait to share it with you! Happy weekend!