meet & greet: bianca tschaikner

Bianca Tschaikner is a world traveler and a world illustrator as she draws what she sees and what she feels. I was drawn to her work because of it's sense of romance mixed in with a sense of reality. It's magical because I feel like I get to see a different part of the world in every piece. Very charming. Sweet Bianca shared some more about herself and her work -- I know you'll find her charming as well!

What is your background in illustration?

I studied media design in Austria and Chile. I always liked drawing, and my thesis was an illustrated cookbook about South America, and from there on I focused on working as an illustrator.

Can you give us a mini summary of your career and your favorite highlights?

I have been working as an illustrator for three years, I began doing illustrations for some Austrian newspapers while living in Morocco, and then I continued working from wherever I was, illustrating for different newspapers, magazines and some books. One of my favourite anecdotes from my career: I once was looking for a room in Berlin, and one person I contacted took a look at my website linked in my mail signature, apparently liked my work, and some weeks later he actually commissioned me for a great job in Switzerland. That was really funny.

What is your favorite medium?

Ink pen on paper.

What country/trip has most influenced your work?

For the past, probably Morocco, because this is where I seriously began sketching the things around me, keeping some sort of visual diary. I sadly lost my first sketchbook in a train robbery and after that I began sketching like mad, wanting to create, in an attempt to get over the loss, even better drawings than the ones they stole me. So during my time in Tangier, which is a city equally absurd and inspirational, I filled a whole pile of sketchbooks sitting and drawing in street cafes. At the moment, my work is greatly influenced by Uzbekistan, where I spent last September.

What advice would you give an aspiring illustrator?

Work hard. Draw every day.

What is your favorite thing about traveling?

I just love being on the road, the feeling of being detached, being far away, and exploring new, unknown worlds.

Can you tell us your favorite thing about Florence?

I really like the whole atmosphere, the great art and architecture everywhere, the medieval cobblestone pavement, the old palazzi, the beautiful parks, and all the little bars and food shops.

What is your favorite thing about life?

That it is some sort of land of endless possibilities.

Don't forget to check out Bianca's work online. It is so fun to go through herportfolio -- I could spend forever looking at it and her blog. But then you can also look for your favorites on her etsy! Too much fun.

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Thank you, Bianca!! :)

And I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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