the collection: letters

thank you amy f. hughes, ~mala-lesbia, sam saturday, sarah louise, sireless, last day of spring, kimstwinsab, fiona, becky w & weepy hollow.

Letters are just SO romantic, aren't they?? Haha. But really. Letters are great. In a time where everything can be instant -- you can talk to anybody at anytime. But, it's still hard to find the time to talk to everybody sometimes. And that's where letters come in! You can spend time on them and make them so cute and they last forever. So this year I'm devoting myself to writing more letters and to really really stay close to all of my friends who I have moved away from. (I love you all!!) Seriously, why is there such a thing as distance? Whoever invents the teleporter I will love you forever!!! FOR. EVER.

Tweet me pictures of all the lovely letters you send and I will send x's & o's your way forever and more. XOXO.