meet: laura of la petite jungle

we are so lucky to have laura of la petite jungle kick off our 'meet' series, where we get to ask talented creatives a few questions. la petite jungle's bright, fun, adventurous style caught and kept my eye. i love how consistent her style is and i really like her leopards. i was able to ask laura some questions, take a peek below!


how and when did you get started in crafting?
as long as I remember, i always made things since childhood: little jewelry, sculptures with papier-mâché, knitting or sewing clothes for my dolls, then for me… my mother fabricated a lot of things with her hands, and i loved to do it with her. it really took importance during my studies in art school, when i learned silk screen printing. i started to print my drawings on fabric for fun, and one day the idea of selling these objects came from nowhere. 


tell us about the name 'la petite jungle' and how you settled on it.
this name comes from my love of wild beasts. i am never get tired of drawing lions, tigers, leopards… i created La Petite Jungle during my studies to make time for myself and work on things that bring me fun and pleasure, just like a zen garden :)


what is your favorite item in the shop right now and why?
every new object that replaces another in the shop is my favorite, because it is always exciting to work on a new object! but, i have to admit that the very first tote bag i printed and sewed have a special meaning to me, because it was my first. i still love the leopard on it :)


what is your favorite medium to work in?
as i am illustrator first of all, i love paint and collage. 

what inspires your work?
i am always inspired by animals and plants. the great diversity in nature (pelages, forms, colors, textures, etc…) totally fascinates me. botanical and scientific boards are a great source of inspiration too, and of course Le Douanier Rousseau is one of my favorite painters! i also like to discover new talented artists on internet. it helps to see that other creative people do great things with success, it helps me to go forward! :) 


to see more of laura's fun work, check out her blog and her facebook page below:


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thanks so much for sharing, Laura! we're excited to keep up with you and your next botanical adventure!

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