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chloe wilson is a maker of all things. just take a peek at her etsy and you will see the variety of the mediums she works in, not to even mention her paintings and drawings that she features on her website. her skill set is so wide, but her work is so cohesive and focuses on the seemingly unimpressive. take a look for yourself and hear how chloe got here by reading her interview below. 

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what is your background?
i grew up in a creative family, and was always making weird stuff as a kid (masks, cardboard cell phones, monsters, hollow books, etc.). there were lots of art books in our house – i remember especially diebenkorn, wayne thiebaud, frida kahlo, david hockney – and we were always going to see shows at the san francisco museum of modern art.

in high school i got involved with youth arts collective (yac) – an after school studio space in my hometown. yac was where i first learned what it was like to have a studio practice, exhibit and sell my work. it was also where i learned to paint!

then in college i majored in art, studying primarily printmaking and ceramics under some really awesome professors.

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how did you get started making & selling?
i’ve made things all my life, but three years ago i quit my full time job to pursue my work as an artist, and that’s when i started figuring out how to sell my work. i opened an etsy shop, slowly got my things in a few stores, did some art shows, pop-up shops, trunk shows, and zine fests. it’s been a slow but rewarding process of learning by doing.

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your style is so unique and always interesting. how did it develop and what inspires it?
that’s a hard question! i think my style just comes out of who i am as a person - my attitude, what i notice, and the physical touch i leave on my work. things definitely develop and evolve through practice and repetition, and there are certain moods, ideas, and imagery that i am drawn to.

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you make cards, zines, ceramics and textiles. how do you manage so many mediums, and do you have a favorite?
i feel a lot of pressure to commit to just one medium, but i don’t really know that that’ll happen any time soon. i go back and forth between making work that is serious, introspective and explorative (intellectually, emotionally, and visually), and then making work that is essentially just play. the playful stuff is what i do in between the bigger or more serious or more tedious projects. it keeps me in the mode of making and doing so that i don’t lose momentum creatively. i think it’s all important for my practice.

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what is your favorite kind of project to work on?
one that i assign for myself!

what advice would you give makers who are just getting started?
do whatever you want! make things you like and work hard. you’ll figure it out.    

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