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after running across paí & péar's work, i was smitten. isabel's style is so simple, warm & inviting. i immediately wanted to become friends with all of the characters she has and live in each of the sceneries she created. i mean, take a look for yourself at her work and tell me you don't feel the same! isabel shared some of her thoughts behind running paí & péar below.

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what is your background?
i have always loved to draw since i can remember and use to draw all my favorite comic book and anime characters. it just felt right for me to go in that direction, so i moved to madrid from my home town, dublin, to study illustration. i've always been inspired by japan. i'm obsessed with the country. i love how creative and original they can be. one of my favorite places to go to is a book shop, i find inspiration at every corner and love spending hours in the kids sections.

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how did paí & péar get started?
paí & péar started from a wish to build something from scratch, something where i would have 100% control over every aspect and detail in the wonderful world of paper products. i choose paper because i think it's one of the most amazing and flexible mediums where your creativity has no end. it was also very important to me to choose a material that was sustainable and can be recycled and reused.

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tell us about how you developed your style and what inspires you.
i find inspiration everywhere! it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that inspires me. my inspiration depends on what season it is, what latest books i've picked up or how much time i can spend on pinterest . . . i do have to say though that japan is a big inspiration for me, their artistic simplicity gets me every time!

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what is your favorite kind of project to work on?
i always choose to work on a product that i would love to receive myself! it changes every time and i find i have to control myself and concentrate on one thing at a time. i’m always thinking abut the next project i could do or the next product i could create with my illustrations. there really is no end.


what are you most looking forward to this year?
right now, i’ve just become a mother and it’s the most important project on my hands, and the most beautiful! but pái & péar isn't going anywhere, anytime soon and i have some exciting ideas up my sleeve for a big come back. :)

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what advice would you give to makers who are just getting started? 
my advice would be: never give up. if it’s your passion the hard times won’t be so hard. be true to yourself but learn to listen to your buyers and potential buyers. the most important advice i can give to someone who wants to start there own brand or shop, is that the customer is always right. corny, but true !

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we can't wait to keep up with you and see what your big comeback looks like, isabel. :) make sure to follow isabel on instagram, facebook and etsy to tag along with her next adventure. thanks so much for sharing, isabel! 

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