meet: lisa junius

lisa junius is an amazing artist whose future is so bright it hurts to look at! really. just wait 'til you look at all of her amazing work. i first saw lisa's work on instagram and was attracted to her soft images that are very strong, feminine and empowering. but, it's so much more than that - you'll have to decide for yourself what her work means to you. lisa posts so much new work, it's very inspiring to me and i am so honored to have her share some of her insight here!


what is your background?
i’m 23 years old and i studied art at university in strasbourg, france. actually, i’m preparing a masters of arts in art research. my illustrations, ceramics, t-shirts etc. are an addition to my artwork that i’m presenting at university and in galleries; here, i’m completely self-thought, or let’s say on an experimental phase, because i don’t think that i am done with learning. i make a lot of mistakes and i enjoy learning new techniques above all!

what motivates your work?
i love to create all sorts of things, because i’ve been noticing these past years, that it is the only thing that makes me really happy. working and modeling with my hands, feeling the movement of painting, experimenting and trying out new things. it is my life. it is a way of meditating, of clearing my mind from the acceleration and plastification of our modern world. in creating something, i create a new world, a world of my own, in which i can escape and dream.


how did you develop your style?
i don’t really think that i have a « style »; i don’t believe in that word. i’m changing everyday, like all humans, and so my art changes. i’m try not to think too much about what i do, because thinking blocks me. i just do and then there are the results. these have a certain style, yes, but then i go to another technique, another creation in maybe a total different style.

what has been the best thing you’ve done for your career?
i’ve never really been on social media (i don’t even have a facebook account, and never had). then a friend told me i should make myself an instagram account and show my work. i was skeptical first, but i have to say now: i love instagram. it is such a good way to concoct with other artists, illustrators, makers and customers!

what are you most looking forward to this next year?
 i’m so excited to announce that i will create jewelry! i always wanted to make brass and silver earrings especially, and i finally found a caster. i think i’ll make a whole collection! after i’ve got my masters of arts degree, i’ll work as a freelance artist, and that way, i’ll spend all of my time creating. it will be a new adventure for me, but i’m really looking forward to it.

what advice would you give to makers who are just getting started?
my advice is an old advice, but a good one: just do it and never give up! don’t wait for a better time, for a better situation or better ideas. you should do it now, with what you got. there will be hard times, times during which you doubt yourself and doubt your work. but that is fine! it is normal! don’t give up and just do what you love! and be patient of course.

be sure to be sure to follow lisa on instagram and check out more of her work on etsy. thanks so much for sharing, lisa! can't wait to see your jewelry line and all of your work to come.

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