kraft paper seating chart

this is the first paper seating chart i've ever made. let me tell you, it was stressful! it took me around 8 hours to make it, and if i messed up i would've had to start all over again! paper & ink just aren't the most forgiving materials - and that's the reason why i love calligraphy, but also the reason why it is so challenging! 

also, here's a pro wedding tip: hang up a paper seating chart against a flat wall, where it will not be subject to the whims of the wind. we didn't have a good wall to hang this at the outdoor reception, so it was hung from the top of the reception tent and somehow tied to the ground to make it flat. all seemed fine, until i was actually standing in front of the sign when a big gust of wind came through and ripped the sign in half. it was SO sad. i was reminded how everything is temporary and only the BEST things in life last, like love. anyways, i am going to make sure that all my future brides have a good wall in mind when i make this for them, haha!