invites: melissa & landon

this suite was actually a mock-up. i am going to be making more invitation suites to flex my creative muscles more often & to give future brides an idea of what i can make them. this was a fun suite to make that was based off some soft peach watercolor tones.

the calligraphy is a lot looser than the previous two suites i have made. and i stepped away from the serif font that i use as my go to, and went with this modern font instead. i had a lot of fun making more pieces to go with this set: a save the date, map, & info card.

and i also created a thank you card, and the day-of items included: a program, menu, & place cards. i set this mock-up at bridal veil lakes. some of my good friends got married their last year and it was GORGEOUS. my cousin also got married there a few years ago. it is one of the most stunning venues in the portland area, so if i'm going to dream, i better dream big!