address stamps


eek, i finally got the address stamps into the shop. i am SO excited about these. i have two kinds of address stamps - the wooden (normal) stamp & then a self-inking stamp, see the ugly green box above & below. and then for the actual address style, you can choose from a timeless serif font (see above, the falk family stamp), or a modern typeface (see below, mark & leslie). there are multiple ways you can write your family name, the pictures included show just a few ways: the falk family, makr & leslie, the rovianeks - but the possibilities are endless!


i’ve gotta say though, that the self-inking stamps are SO convenient. i’m going to have to order another stamp for luke & i, because when i’m busy and i barely have time to write a letter, the last thing i want to do is get out the ink pad, use the stamp once, and then wash the stamp afterwards. sad, but true. the wooden stamp is great if you want to use different colored inks, or emboss it (fancy!) but the self-inking is really great if you just want it for everyday use.


the self-inking stamps are kind of ugly in their green plastic box, but they are made from eco-friendly, recycled plastic! it’s the little things that add up, right?

if these suit your fancy, grab your own stamp in the shop - or get one for a friend!


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