taylor & cassy


taylor & cassy are some of our funnest friends. we love them SO much & it was an honor to be a part of their wedding! cute luke was a groomsmen for taylor & so i got a sneak peek into their celebrations! cassy & taylor took their pictures at mcmenamins edgefield and it was SO beautiful. see for yourself!

london wedding calligraphy

i had a lot of fun making this wedding sign. jill was their amazing florist who did the pretty greenery that went with the sign. talk about HEART EYES all around. my sweet dad-in-law put two pieces of wood together to make this cute sign! so lucky to have someone crafty like that in the family.

i made these fun programs. i’m sure you’ve heard me say it a million times before, but the sweetest thing about wedding programs is to have a note from the couple on the back. taylor & cassy did that, even though there’s no pic of it in this batch, and it just makes some space for the bride & groom to say what they really want to & probably don’t have time to say to everyone on such a celebration-filled day!

also, there’s wine-me! hehe, and check out that selfie action in the background. you can look forward to wine-me if you invite me to your wedding, or if we ever get together for a night-in! hehe.

hope you enjoyed these BEAUTIFUL pictures from alyssa elliott - as always, she’s pure magic.

and happy one-year anniversary, taylor & cassy!! love you guys soooo much. <3

photography by the lovely alyssa elliott,